Rhythm of the Sea-- Short Stories by Shari Cohen 


This book is about relationships. The stories are delightfully diverse, but have a common thread in that each is set in a background related to a body of water.
Water has an almost universal appeal. Most people are relaxed by the sounds of waves, a brook, a gentle rain, the roar of a giant waterfall, even the passing of a thunderstorm. These sounds, and the images that go with them, have an almost magical calming effect, allowing our minds to float free and feel a sense of harmony with nature and the world around us.
The rhythm of moving water creates a mood for contemplation allowing us to put things together and understand ourselves better free of the distractions of everyday life.
It's ironical that introspection is often the key to understanding other people. We infer that others around us have the same feelings and needs—know the same sorrows and pains—by observing their behavior and comparing their feelings to our own. Only by understanding ourselves do we know what other people are going through.
Reading is another way to discover meaning and relate to what other people are thinking and feeling. Shari Cohen's short stories in Rhythm of the Sea are that kind of reading.
Think of how these stories could relate to you: This brief foreword only gives a hint of the breadth of the stories, but every one of them relates to some common experience.
In reading Shari's stories, you will recognize yourself, and when you do, you will have a new view of yourself and how you relate to other people. You will be touched by Shari's stories about other living beings, and you will think about how much we share.
One person's life may seem only a brief moment in the millions of years of human history, but the ripples that we leave behind began with some person far in the past and continue on into the future. We each affect each other, like ripples in a pond or waves in an ocean. In this way, we each affect eternity.
We are not alone.
An ocean runs through us all
 and we live our lives together in the Rhythm of the Sea.
      Robert J. Banis, PhD
      St. Louis, Missouri

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